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Makaleler Russia-West Tensions: Bad News for Syrian People The Ukraine conflict dealt a blow to Russia-West relations, more severe than the one dealt by the Russia-Georgia war of 2008. Ali TUYGAN Makale Turkish-American Relations under strain At present, Washington is asking Turkey to de-escalate, limit its military actions, avoid civilian casualties and increases to displaced persons and refugees. It is also expressing concern about the rhetoric coming from Turkey. Ali TUYGAN Makale Middle East of Inconsistencies For Qatar and the anti-Qatar coalition former’s support for the Brotherhood is also a big issue.. Ali TUYGAN Makale Gulf Crisis and Turkey Middle East leaders have been quite outspoken in individually expressing their agony over Middle East’s fratricide.. Ali TUYGAN Makale Political Psychology of Peace and War: Peace as a Psychological Need The common view is that Turkey is on the verge of civil war as well as war; in fact, the categorical distinction between a war and a civil war is.. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ulaş BAŞAR GEZGİN Makale Turkey Veers off The Democratic Path In the past two years, the three pillars of the AKP’s perceived success, foreign policy, economy and democratization, have all been revealed to have cracks in their foundations. Cenk SİDAR Makale AKP and the Politics of “Impossible Brotherhoods” AKP officials have preferred to refer their supporters and political allies in the framework of “brotherhoods” or “sisterhoods.” Dr. Nebil İLSEVEN Makale Human Rights, Democracy and The Middle-East: the role of Turkey The Middle-East has long been thought or known as a region consisting of a sole monolithic characteristic; Sunni Arabs possessing.. Prof. Dr. Hurşit GÜNEŞ Rapor